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As we all know, nothing is free but this is as close to free as you will get. It will cost nothing monetarily but it will cost you some of your time. I am looking for bloggers, writers, and/or researchers to blog on client sites. There are many people that do not have the time to blog. I am willing to give free Advanced Web Hosting with C-panel and Fantastico De Luxe in exchange for ONE (1) well written blog post per week. You will write on only one (1) blog at a time. That way you will familiarize yourself with the subject you are writing about. The posts must be unique and self written, not just copied from another site. The posts must be well written in English and they must be at least 500 words. You may also include your name and a back link from your blog post to your site or where ever you want to link.

This endeavor  will help you get your own name out on the web. It is a win win situation for anyone looking to publicize themselves on the internet.

If you are interested in this offer please contact me.

DeZiner Gary White


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As Web 2.0 takes shape at a rapid and frantic pace, we need to step back and assess the social networking facet of marketing for business.

Social media is here to stay, at least for the time being. It is not just a passing fad. With the introduction of Twitter in 2006 social media took on an entirely new face. Twitter has evolved into a world wide phenomenon, taking on a life of it’s own.

Not all social media site are suited for business use. A networking site suited for one particular business may not be suited for another. The social media sites you choose to market your site, whether you sell a product or a service need to serve a purpose. There is more to posting than just sales pitching. Offering useful information can be just a beneficial. If you become an authority on a particular subject then you build clout in an online community. Therefore, if someone is looking to have something done or purchase a product they go to the authority. It is not all about sales pitch and taking, it is just as much about giving.

When deciding on social media sites for your business ask yourself these questions prior to posting.

  1. What benefit to potential customers / clients  and my business will  posting to this site have?
  2. Will contributing to this site be useful to someone?
  3. Will contributing to this site be beneficial to my business?
  4. Is this a suitable site for the information I have to offer?
  5. Are the sites i’m using do-follow?
  6. Can I make contacts with mutual interests?
  7. Am I building trust by posting and contributing on this site?
  8. Will I be able to build business relationships?
  9. Are there potential customers / clients viewing this site?
  10. Can I build an online identity?

Hopefully you see my point to asking yourself these questions. Socially networking online is no different than netwoking in your community. As with any business marketing it becomes a matter of who you know and how you interact.

Should I Use A Dedicated IP Address?

On January 28, 2010, in Website Marketing, by DeZiner

Is a dedicated IP address necessary?

For general SEO purposes a dedicated IP is not necessary. There is no advantage to having your site hosted on a separate IP address. To read a post from Google Fellow Matt Cutts Click Here. For those you you who do not know who Matt Cutts is, click here. There are a couple reasons you may want to have yous site on it’s own IP address.

  1. If you need a secure server https protocol for e-Commerce.

  2. If a site on the same IP as you is blacklisted you may want a dedicated IP address.

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There is only one way to optimize your site – organic search results.

Let us define organic search results. When searching for information on the web the SERP or search engine result page will return links for your query. Searching in Google will often return highlighted links at the very top of the search. These results are paid results and can cost a fortune to keep. The results directly under come from site optimization and are organic or natural search results. Once your site is optimized and your site comes up in these positions for key word or phrase searches they will usually stay within close proximity. The paid results will disappear as soon as you stop paying for that position.

With this being said, it is important your site comes up in natural search results rather than paid. Proper optimization of site structure, key word density, title tags, content headings, and many other factors determine where you are positioned in the SERPs. Contact a professional internet marketing specialist today for more information and a free no obligation quote to optimize your site.

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Looking for a professional to optimize your web site or blog?

If I where looking for a company in Buffalo New York to optimize my site I would search Google for:

Professional SEO Buffalo New York

I would choose the first search result that came up in the natural (organic) search result. Not the paid result. Anyone can pay to get their site listed, but these are temporary results and cost thousands of dollars to keep that link in the SERP for those key words.

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