Are you spinning your wheels trying to figure out what this connection thing is all about? In this Tuesday Tip we want to help you get a running start.

Connecting to other merchants isn’t just about quantity. Be strategic and make a bigger impact for both your businesses.

  • Meet people who get you. Find a business just like yours in another area. You can trade tips, tricks and promotion ideas to get more customers through the door without needing to worry about competition. Are you a salon in Miami? Find one in Seattle. Landscaper in Spokane? Meet a guy in Austin! MerchantCircle gives you access to business owners all over the country!
  • Connect to business that can help. Find other local business owners who share the same customers and cross promote! Are you a wedding photographer? Meet your local baker. Give those brides a discount for using your recommended MerchantCircle partners.
  • Meet the neighbors! Find out who your closest business neighbors are and get connected on MerchantCircle. Run a big block sale or plan a parking lot party. Create coupons on MerchantCircle for your event- then wrangle in the customers with one-stop, discount shopping.

Build your online presence AND your customer base with MerchantCircle.

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Social Media Optimization (SMO)

On December 18, 2009, in SEO, by DeZiner

What is (SMO) Social Media Optimization? To understand optimizing with social media you first must understand what social media and social media sites are. Social media sites include sites like linkedin, facebook. twitter, and digg just to name a few.

From a business point of view these sites can be used to network with large groups of people that are either interested in the information you have or the products you sell.

Social media is part of  Web 2.0 fundamentals, as it is related to information sharing and collaboration. Now you have some understanding of what social media and networking within that media are all about.

Optimizing with social media is about using these sites to put your message out on the web. Whether you are selling a product or just sharing information social networking sites can help you as a marketing vehicle to get people back to your site..