The playing field has changed again. Please take note. This is a VERY IMPORTANT FACTOR in how your website will rank now and in the future. Social networking has become a major factor in how you are ranked and positioned by the search engines; in particular, Google. The Penguin update has made algorithmic changes that affect the way your site is positioned my adding more factors related to your sociability.

Being social is not just about Facebook and Twitter. It includes sites such as Yelp, SuperPages, HotFrog, local directories, forums, Google Places and many others. Interaction on these sites by yourself, clients and customers are what determine how socially active your online presence is portrayed. Positive feedback toward you and your business has a huge effect on how the search engines view your credibility as an individual or business.

Below I will list some of the ways you can become more interactive online and let others help.

  • Write articles that you are cited.
  • Have people write reviews.
  • Use your email signature as a review vehicle.
  • Ask people to check in at sites like FourSquare when they visit you.
  • Leave feedback for others in social networks.
  • Interact on sites like Twitter.

These are just a few examples of social interaction that will help your online presence and enhance your visibility on the internet.

Remember, BE SOCIAL

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Linkedin LogoSocial networking is exactly that, networking with other individuals with similar interests in a social environment. For professionals in all industries Linkedin offers the ultimate meeting room within it’s groups. A place to discuss, agree, disagree, and give general or specific points of view.

An individual can gain or contribute enormous amounts of information. One group I am involved with is Social Media Marketing. A recent topic of discussion focused on “What/who would you recommend for a “crash course” in social media marketing?” The response was worth it’s weight in gold. The amount of free information, blogs articles, etc from the people who use social media every day (including myself} as a marketing tool was outstanding.

Another great feature of the Linkedin format is for job seekers. Most groups also Have an area for posting jobs. This gives great opportunities not only for employers but also potential employees.

Try Linkedin yourself. If you own a business or are looking for employment it’s definitely worth looking into.

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Why Do I Need To Social Network?

On January 9, 2011, in social networking, by DeZiner

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Why Network?

Many people have a misconception of online social networking and how it should be used. Social networking sites are not the marketplace, they are the back yard barbecue. Networking is about meeting people, interacting, sharing ideas and resources, referring, and as an end result, the possibility of sales or new clientele through word of mouth or recommendation.

The first question you should ask yourself is, why do I need to social network?

Maintaining a good customer / client relationship is key to any business’ success. Using a medium such as social networking is the perfect avenue for keeping in contact and keeping your clientele informed.

Meeting new people in your industry to share business ideas is another great reason to network.

While in the process of meeting new people within your social network, you have the opportunity to let people get to know you, your business, and what you have to contribute.

Allowing people to gain trust in who you are and what you offer can greatly increase your chances of referrals to their friends, family, clients, or associates in the future.

Remember, the networking circles are not for immediate sale of products or services, but rather a venue for interacting and socializing to gain trust and authority within your field or market.

Who Should I Network With?

Interact with individuals within communities that my need what you offer. Remember, you are not initially there to sell, you are there to socialize.

Include yourself in circles that my be influential in your industry. People you meet can introduce you to other people that can benefit you in your quest for success.

If you have knowledge in a particular nitch you can find related forums to interact within. Be sure to add value to the forum rather than selling your wares. You will find much more benefit to giving in order to receive than.

What Am I Networking About?

Talk about what you know. Offer tips and useful information people can use.  Make friends and acquaintances along the way. Make sure the information you offer is accurate and current. Remember, You are interacting to show you are an authority within your industry to build trust. If you give incorrect or inaccurate information you will not be taken seriously.

Where Should I Be Networking?

There are many different networking venues and not everyone is useful to everyone or every business.

Here is a full list of social networking sites.

Four Great networking sites for business





When Should I Network?

Every Day!

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As Web 2.0 takes shape at a rapid and frantic pace, we need to step back and assess the social networking facet of marketing for business.

Social media is here to stay, at least for the time being. It is not just a passing fad. With the introduction of Twitter in 2006 social media took on an entirely new face. Twitter has evolved into a world wide phenomenon, taking on a life of it’s own.

Not all social media site are suited for business use. A networking site suited for one particular business may not be suited for another. The social media sites you choose to market your site, whether you sell a product or a service need to serve a purpose. There is more to posting than just sales pitching. Offering useful information can be just a beneficial. If you become an authority on a particular subject then you build clout in an online community. Therefore, if someone is looking to have something done or purchase a product they go to the authority. It is not all about sales pitch and taking, it is just as much about giving.

When deciding on social media sites for your business ask yourself these questions prior to posting.

  1. What benefit to potential customers / clients  and my business will  posting to this site have?
  2. Will contributing to this site be useful to someone?
  3. Will contributing to this site be beneficial to my business?
  4. Is this a suitable site for the information I have to offer?
  5. Are the sites i’m using do-follow?
  6. Can I make contacts with mutual interests?
  7. Am I building trust by posting and contributing on this site?
  8. Will I be able to build business relationships?
  9. Are there potential customers / clients viewing this site?
  10. Can I build an online identity?

Hopefully you see my point to asking yourself these questions. Socially networking online is no different than netwoking in your community. As with any business marketing it becomes a matter of who you know and how you interact.

Top 12 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips

On December 6, 2009, in SEO, by DeZiner
  1. Unique relevant content
  2. Relevant high ranking back links
  3. Key words and / or  phrases in your links
  4. Alt tags on ALL images
  5. Testing and researching your server for blacklist
  6. Give everyone a way to share your content
  7. Social networking to share content and information
  8. Submitting sitemaps for rapid indexing
  9. Easy to navigate
  10. Correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation
  11. Individual page optimization
  12. Regular site updates