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Web site layout and structure has become a critical factor in (SEO) Search Engine Optimization.

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing have changed the manner in which they index your pages. Site structure now plays a roll in optimization of your website or blog and helps in determining the relevance of the information within your site. Below we will discuss the different facets of construction and structure.

CSS Table-less Structure

CSS stands for cascading style sheets. This is code that separates the layout from the content. In old school design everything was laid out in tables and text was formatted within the page itself. This made it more difficult for search engine spiders (bots) to decipher the relevant content from code.

h tags

Example –

Some Text

H tags also known as  heading tags are used to help depict the importance of information within your article or post. Your h tags should also include relevant key words or phrases that depict what the article or post is about. These tags carry more weight with the  search engine algorithms and basically tell the spiders what information will be in the article or post. There are many other factors also analyzed by the spiders at this point.

In our next post we will discuss the importance of properly structured navigation.

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Social Networking Is Only Part Of SEO

On January 11, 2010, in SEO, Website Marketing, by DeZiner

Do Not Forget Basic SEO Practices!

There is more than social media to SEO

In this ever changing world of search engine optimization and all the hype of social media and networking the basic principals of SEO should not be ignored. Keeping up with what the search engine algorithms are doing is important but following basic white hat SEO practices is key.

What are some good practices to follow? Well, first and foremost as I have discussed before, is well written, relevant, unique content and lots of it. If it has already been written make what you have to say more interesting and put your own twist on the subject. Be as accurate as possible with the information you give and be authoritative and definitive in your statements.

Site structure has become an important factor in SEO. Using table-less structure and css to separate layout and content makes it much easier for search spiders to index your pages. The faster the pages can be searched by the bots the better they like it.

Tags in the back end are also an important piece. Some SEO professionals will argue whether or not meta tags are needed. The fact of the matter is they can’t hurt and there are many small meta indexers still used today. Don’t forget, the big three, Google, Yahoo, and Bing are not the only players.

Site maps both internal and xml should be implemented especially for larger sites but are good practice for all sites. The site map not only gives an organized list for you readers to find what they are looking for but also gives the indexing spiders a clear concise path to your content.

These are a few basic principals to follow for good white hat SEO. Social networking has become a very important aspect of SEO for a combination of link backs and more places for your content to be found. Be sure to use a well balanced SEO and marketing campaign to get maximum resulsts for your website



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